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Healing Crisis

Following the treatment, as well as feeling all the post-treatment benefits, you may also feel some potentially unwanted symptoms which are signs that your body is healing, but they are not at all side effects of any kind. They should subside within 24 hours (24-48 hours for Reflexology), and medical assistance may be worth seeking if they don’t for a long time after it. If you don’t feel any of those symptoms, it does not mean your body is not healing, it still is, but you just can’t see it.


Those symptoms are as follows:


Dryness and/or thirstiness of mouth


• Increased urination


• Increased bowel movements


• Muscle cramps/pain


• Nausea


• Cold-like symptoms (sneezing, runny nose etc)


• Redness of the skin where massaged


• Spots on the skin, especially if previously treated a skin condition


• Tiredness or change in sleeping pattern


• Heightened emotions


• Headaches or light-headedness


More generalised information on how to maintain a healthy well-being and lifestyle is available on the following link:

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