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The Centre


Our treatment rooms offer a quiet space for time out to work on yourself.

Peace of mind.

Conveniently located in southside of Glasgow with close links to the motorway and well served by public transport buses and train station.

Offering accommodation for retreats and staff development days

Before Treatment Preparations

• Avoid heavy meals for at least 2 hours beforehand of the start time as this can cause discomfort while lying on the couch during a session, and possibly vomiting as well


• Avoid drinking too much water before the treatment as this may cause increase the chance of feeling the urge to go to the toilet


• During cold or cool weather, it is essential to bring extra layers of clothing to ensure you are wrapped up warm and cosy so your body does not become tense as you leave the clinic, and the healing of the pain you might have may delay if this is not followed


• If you have any long-term medical conditions, present or recent injuries or are on any prescribed long-term medication, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically fit to receive a massage treatment by asking your GP/Specialist. It is also beneficial to bring your medication with you to the appointment.


• It would be ideal to bring a pair of flip flops or slippers with you to step onto after the treatment to prevent yourself from slipping and your feet from becoming infected from stepping directly onto the floor after having oil or cream applied to them.


• Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time to allow time for a consultation and undressing. Arriving late for your appointment may shorten the length of your treatment.

During Treatment

If any factor of the treatment goes out of comfort level i.e. temperature of the room is too hot or cold; pressure is not firm enough or too gentle or if you don’t like the volume/sound of the music and want it changed; please let the therapist know so they can adjust accordingly as every individual is different.


After Treatment Home Care Advice

After completion of the treatment, clients need to follow a few general health tips in which to keep the benefits of their treatment alive for as long as possible, and they are as follows:


• Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated to support and enhance the detoxification process of the body


• Avoid any stimulants i.e. caffeinated drinks like teas, coffees, fizzy drinks etc as they will only wake you up and invade the sensation of peace you get from the treatments. Additionally, it is known that caffeine dehydrates you, which can therefore interrupt the expulsion of toxins


• Rest for the remaining time of the day and possibly the next day as well i.e. don’t physically exert yourself with anything and keep mental activity to a minimum. Get plenty of ‘me time’ and try to relax


• Don’t smoke cigarettes and avoid alcohol consumption


• Get plenty of exercise, minimum 150 minutes of aerobics weekly and more if possible


• Ensure sleeping pattern is a fixed one as it will help the body get used to it and make you fall asleep quicker and wake up refreshed


• Ensure diet is a cleansing diet as the digestive system becomes stimulated as a result of the relaxation from the massage, therefore, to keep it in good shape the following should be done:


- Getting your 5 different fruit and vegetables a day everyday


- Drinking herbal/green tea as something to incorporate into the diet and/or substitute with some of the daily caffeine intake


- Ease back from processed foods, sugary and salty snacks as too many of them are generally unpleasant for health, and saturated fats intake must also be minimal


- Avoid eating any heavy meals and allow the body to use its energy for healing.


• Wait for 2 hours post-treatment before taking a shower to allow your body temperature to come back to normal first

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