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Community Projects

Improving local community cohesion
We have worked on a number of community projects including community councils, in partnership projects with local council, chamber of commerce, business networks. Breathing awareness initiative business edge award
Climate change awareness projects
We have worked on a number of climate change awareness projects including Go Greener Days, climate change conferences, schools conferences, community orchard, working in partnership with local councils and other agencies. Runner Up Award Winner Green campaigner of the year

Improving working conditions
Worked with a number of organisations and projects that raise the importance and awareness of valuing and respecting the staff in the workplace 

Family Fun Day

Apple Day 2

We are Lions Mr Manager

Big Lunch

Eco school Conference

Glasgow Gaelic Choir

Action On Care

Diversity Day

We Are the Lions Mister Manager

Go Greener: Apple Day 4

Carolside Primary Wind Turbine Opening

Go Greener Orchard Launch, Awards Ceremony & Green Sector Workshop

The Rouken Glen Go Greener Commonwealth Orchard: A Gift for the Future

Go Greener Climate Change Forum: Weather & Climate - Past, Present & Future

Go Greener: Apple Day 1

Go Greener Family Festival

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