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Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Quite similar to therapies like Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, additionally, we use heat and cold therapies to make the treatment more effective and with added effects to those in the other therapies. 


Effects of working with hot stones: 


• Expands the blood vessels increasing supply of oxygen, nutrients and stimulates detoxification 


• Increases metabolism – the build-up and breakdown of substances in the body 


• Improves circulation and helps the heart to pump blood around the body effectively 


• Stimulates the drainage of waste products 


• Helps realign muscle structures which become imbalanced by bringing back muscle memory 


Effects of working with cold stones: 


Cold stone therapy is mainly performed on the face during a regular massage session, other than that, it is used to treat muscle injury and inflammation. It is also good for the early treatment for sprains, soft tissue injuries, bruises and arthritic conditions like acute bursitis 


• Narrowing blood vessels and restricting blood supply to different areas of the body, which is good for treating inflammation as it helps carry excessive blood away from the swollen area 


• Reduces irritants present in stress muscles which helps the muscles relax 


• Activates the natural pain relief process of the body 

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