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About The Equillium Founder

After initially obtaining a Diploma in Osteopathic Medicine, Savio D'Souza went onto train as a Buteyko Practitioner gaining a Diploma in Buteyko Breathing Management. D'Souza received further training from Russell and Jennifer Stark. They developed the first Buteyko Practitioner training programme to be approved outside Russia by Professor Buteyko himself, the founder of the Method we use.

Savio has worked in many schools in the UK and across Europe reducing the incidents of Asthma. He has been invited to give presentations in Canada, India, and Japan. Savio was a member of the Cross Party Group on Asthma in the Scottish Parliament for over a decade developing approaches to reduce the incidence of Asthma with politicians, asthma bodies, drug companies as well as health professionals. Recently he was successful in an application from the UK Government for a Covid 19 Support Programme to help victims and those suffering isolation as a result of the pandemic.

Savio also has additional qualifications in Diploma in Holistic Massage, Diplomas in Health and Social Care as well as Diploma in Dementia Awareness. He has 12 years of experience in the health and social care sector with a focus on Dementia, older people, and young adult support. He has won a Business Edge Award from Scottish Enterprise for his breathing education programme. He was runner up in the Green Campaigner of the Year Award. He is also a recipient of the Children Orchard Award for encouraging community growing projects.

Breathing Coach education programmes use a method based on the work of Dr Konstantin Buteyko and Christian Bohr. You can attend courses the way you want - in person, in your own home or some even request their workplace with the advance of modern technology you can choose your location to start to benefit.

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